Terms and conditions

Article 1 – Definitions

« Customer » designates either the natural person or the legal entity that purchases a transport ticket for travel between Paris (Eiffel Tower), the Palace of Versailles or One Nation Paris Outlet (hereinafter « the Ticket »), and the natural person (s) that uses (use) this Ticket.

« Service Provider » designates VISUAL, a business partnership with capital of € 488 800, which has its head office in VITRY SUR SEINE (94400), at 2 avenue du Groupe Manouchian, registered in the Créteil Registry of Trade and Companies under number 424 347 516, and in the Tour Operators Registry under number IM094110002, holder of the community license n° 2008/11/0003022.

« Parties » designates the Service Provider and the Customer. When this term is used in the singular form, it designates any of the Parties.

« Site » designates the website accessible on https://shuttle.onenation.fr

« Vehicles » designates the cars owned by the Service Provider.

« Travellers » designates the passengers of the vehicles transported between Paris (Eiffel Tower), the Palace of Versailles and One Nation Paris Outlet

Article 2 – Purpose

The Service Provider organizes the transport of Customers from Paris (Eiffel Tower) to the Palace of Versailles and One Nation Paris Outlet. Not only may Customers purchase Tickets from the Service Provider via various distribution networks; they may also purchase Tickets for admission into the Palace of Versailles (hereinafter referred to as « the Admission Tickets »).

The purpose of these general terms and conditions of sale and use of the service offered (hereinafter referred to as « GTCS ») is to set forth:

  • the terms and conditions of sale of Tickets to Customers
  • the terms and conditions under which the Service Provider carries out transport services for Customers,
  • the terms and conditions for visits to the Palace of Versailles.

By express agreement, the Parties’ relationships are not subject to any contractual provisions other than those that are set forth herein.

Article 3 – Services

The services offered for sale consist of a round trip by car on the same day between Paris (Eiffel Tower), One Nation Paris Outlet and the Palace of Versailles to visit the Palace of Versailles, along with -- if the Customer so chooses - the sale of an Admission Ticket that gives access to the palace with an audio guide in 11 languages and to temporary exhibitions (hereinafter referred to as « the Services»)

The Services are available as a function of the days and hours that the Palace of Versailles is open, as posted in one of the sales outlets listed in article 4 below.

Article 4 – Modes for the sale of Services

The Customer may purchase Services by various means, namely:

  • On the Service Provider’s site, https://shuttle.onenation.fr, and on the distributors’ websites
  • At the sale counters of the Service Provider and its distributors;

The Service Provider reserves the right to change this list as new modes for the sale of Services appear.

Article 5 – Procedures for the purchase specific to the Site

5.1. Technical prerequisites

To use all of the Site’s functionalities, the Customer must have a web connection and a web browser accepting cookies, JAVA Applets and Java scripting, or any other technical elements that would accommodate the subsequent technological changes.

The order must contain all of the elements necessary for its processing, with those required for registration of the order being indicated in the form.

Incomplete orders will not be processed by the Service Provider, and no recourse shall be taken against it in that regard.

5.2. Maintenance and development of the Site

Online ordering of services may be momentarily suspended for maintenance, update or development of the Site, or for any other reasons, especially those of a technical nature. Such suspensions shall not give the Customer the right to make any complaint or request indemnification in that regard.

Also, the Service Provider disclaims all liability for abnormalities that might occur during the order, processing, or printing of the Ticket, unless it is proved that any such abnormalities are imputable to the Service Provider. In that event, the Service Provider shall be liable solely for the amount of the order that was not fully executed.

Article 6 – Conclusion of the purchase

The purchase made by the Customer becomes definitive only after full payment of the price, with VISUAL’s written confirmation and/or delivery of the Ticket serving as proof of the purchased Service.

In that regard, the Customer’s attention is called to the fact that, pursuant to article L.121-20-4, 2° of the French Consumer Code, the right of retraction provided for sale from a distance does not apply to contracts for the sale of accommodations, transport, food and recreational services that must be provided on a given date or according to a specific periodicity.

Article 7 – Price – Payment – Revision

The price of Services billed to the Customer is that which is posted in the particular sales outlet at the time of the purchase.

All of the prices are stated in euros, all taxes included.

Children under 9 or 6 years old (depending on the products) travel free of charge.

The free travel accorded to children under 9 or 6 years of age does not apply to groups. Each child who travels free of charge must be accompanied by an adult who has paid for his/her Ticket.

The Services are sold for cash. Therefore, they shall be paid instantly, according to the type of sales outlet either in cash or by any of the bank cards indicated in the sales outlet at the time of the transaction. Any payment is definitive and irrevocable for the Services involved. It may be refunded only in the event of the Service Provider’s failure or contractual breach, in the situations and under the conditions specified herein. The Service Provider may revise the prices of Services at any time without advance notice, with the changes applying only to future orders.

Article 8 – Availability of Tickets – Printing of Tickets in PDF format

8.1. Availability of Tickets

Tickets purchased at the sales counters or offices of VISUAL and its distributors are issued instantly.

When they are purchased on the Site, the Tickets are immediately available in the PDF format; then, the Customer may immediately or subsequently print them and, in any event, do so on or before the date of the Service, as indicated on each Ticket.

8.2. Printing of the Ticket in PDF format

The purchases of Tickets are issued on the Site in PDF format. They are valid only if they are printed on A4 white paper or in any similar format used in other countries, blank on both sides, without modification of the printing size, in vertical format with a laser or ink printer.

The Customer must ensure that the printing is of good quality. In particular, Tickets that are partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible will not be accepted on board Vehicles or at the entrance of the Palace of Versailles, and will be deemed invalid. Exception - products with the mention “E-tickets accepted on a smartphone” in the product description on https://shuttle.onenation.fr

Article 9 – Use of Tickets – Date and Services

The Ticket must be presented to the reception agent at the location where the Traveller boards the Vehicle or, as appropriate, be presented to the reception and control agents, in order to be verified and scanned. In the event of complaint, this Ticket must be enclosed with the complaint document.

Each Ticket is issued and valid only for the date, the travel and the type of services carried out by the Service Provider, and for the Palace of Versailles, as indicated thereon. It will not be accepted on board Vehicles on a date, and for a trip different from that which is indicated thereon, or for the Palace of Versailles on a date and for services different from those that are indicated thereon. Tickets are not exchangeable or refundable.

Article 10 – Crew

The Service Provider ensures that the drivers of Vehicles are correctly dressed and behave impeccably during the travel.

They will be attentive and helpful to the Travellers getting on and off the Vehicles, and will load and unload their luggage.

The driver is the Service Provider’s representative during the travel, and the Customer must follow the driver’s instructions, especially regarding safety.

Article 11 – The rules for visiting the Palace of Versailles

The Customer must comply with the rules for visiting the Palace of Versailles, on pain of being evicted by officers of the Palace, Museum and National Domain of Versailles and possibly being subject to legal proceedings; these rules are appended to the GTCS. The Customer alone assumes the consequences of a failure to abide by these rules.

Article 12 – Animals

For reasons of safety, health and preservation, no animals except guide dogs for the blind that accompany a person holding a disability card will be admitted on board Vehicles and in the enclosure of the Palace of Versailles.

Article 13 – Luggage and personal belongings

The Service Provider will accept on board the Vehicle only one suitcase that does not exceed the cabin size (55cmx35cmx25cm) per passenger, plus a travel bag that does not exceed 38cmx29cmx14cm so that it can fit inside the Vehicle.

Also, to have access to the Palace of Versailles’s permanent collection rooms and temporary exhibitions, the Customers must comply with the Palace of Versailles rules.

The Service Provider and the Palace of Versailles have subscribed to an insurance policy to indemnify the Customer for lost, damaged or stolen luggage and, more generally, for any other objects, during the travel as well as during the period that they are deposited in the checkroom at the Palace of Versailles.

However, it is specified that hand luggage put in the Vehicle’s passenger compartment travels under the Customer’s surveillance. Under no circumstance shall the Service Provider be liable for stolen or damaged luggage, or for personal belongings and/or clothes left or forgotten inside the Vehicle. Also, the Palace of Versailles disclaims all liability for stolen objects that are not deposited in the checkroom. By express agreement, for loss of, or damage to, luggage that is put in the luggage compartment, for which the Service Provider is found to be liable, the indemnification to be paid by it is limited to € 100 per piece of luggage.

The Customer must make a declaration of loss / theft / damage of his luggage or any other objects, depending on the case, to the driver of the Vehicle or the personnel of the Palace of the Versailles checkroom, as soon as he is aware of it. Also, in the event of theft, the Customer must immediately declare it to the Police or the Gendarmerie.

Article 14 – Liability.

The Service Provider’s Vehicles are insured with the GENERALI company against civil liability, without any limitation, for the safety of transported Travellers (policy n° AH 496 106).

Since insurance for assistance and repatriation is not included in the aforesaid insurance covering the safety of Travellers, it must be taken out by each Traveller individually.

Customers are liable for deteriorations that are imputable thereto during their travel and during their visit to the Palace of Versailles.

The Service Provider and the Palace of Versailles disclaim all liability for damage caused by the victim’s tort, negligence or misconduct.

The Service Provider also disclaims all liability for damage (particularly for delays, changes or cancellations of Services) that might result from a situation of force majeure or any of the following circumstances deemed to be similar thereto:

  • Weather conditions that present a danger, especially for automobile traffic (particularly snow, frost, ice, flooding, landslide),
  • Fire,
  • Disturbances in the flow of road traffic (detours, traffic bans, accidents, public demonstrations),
  • Establishment of a safety zone (particularly in the event of a bomb warning or suspicious luggage)
  • Strikes or lock-outs,
  • Riots, state of war
  • Immobilization or requisition of the Service Provider’s vehicles by the police or the customs or, more generally, by the public authority.

The Service Provider will extend every effort to implement the means necessary to overcome such incidents.

All complaints must be transmitted to the Service Provider by registered letter

Article 15 – Operating conditions

In the event of total or partial elimination of, or substantial changes in, the purchased Services, the Service Provider shall promptly inform the Customer and shall extend every effort to minimize the consequences for the Customer.

Also, the departure and arrival hours, the routes taken, and the Palace of Versailles opening and closing hours are given only as an indication ; every effort is made to provide accurate information in that regard.

If the safety of Customers is endangered by situations such as blocked roads, strikes, etc., the Services may be cancelled temporarily or definitively up to the scheduled date thereof, without the payment of any indemnification to the Customer, except for the refund of unused Tickets.

Article 16 – Transport regulations

Travellers are transported in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions that are currently in effect. The Service Provider reserves the right to refuse to take any person whose behaviour is of such a nature as to hinder the proper carrying out of the transport and/or the other Travellers’ comfort and/or safety.

On his part, the Customer is committed to comply with the rules posted inside the Vehicles, and to refrain from behaviour that might compromise his safety and/or the safety and/or comfort of other Travellers.

Article 17 – Personal data

The nominative data transmitted to the Service Provider by the Customer, particularly via the forms provided by the Site, are used only by the Service Provider and the Palace of Versailles solely for registration of the Services, printing of the Transport Ticket, and, as appropriate, the Admission Ticket, and for any actions measuring the quality of the Service rendered.

These data enable the Service Provider to manage the Customer’s account or any other requests regarding the Services offered on the Site.

The Service Provider commits to take technical and organizational measures to protect personal data. It is prohibited from transmitting them to third parties, except for judicial purposes.

However, the Customer declares that he has a thorough knowledge of the characteristics and constraints of the internet. In particular, he is aware that it is impossible to guarantee that data transmitted to the Service Provider via the internet will be 100% secured. Therefore, the Service Provider shall not be held liable for incidents resulting from any such transmission.

Finally, pursuant to the Act of 6 January 1978 related to Computerized Data Processing and Individual Rights, the Customer has the right to access, change and delete his own data. He may exercise this right by writing, with documents supporting his identity, to VISUAL - 2 avenue du Groupe Manouchian – 94400 VITRY SUR SEINE – E-mail : onenation@versaillesexpress.com. The Service Provider reserves the right to delete at any time certain data from the base where the transmitted data are stored, and to limit the number thereof.

Article 18 – Agreement in relation to proof

By express agreement, the data contained in the Service Provider’s or its partners’ information system constitute written information as defined by article 1316-1 of the Civil Code, with the link between these data and the Party to which they are attached being presumed until proved otherwise.

Therefore, they constitute proof between the Parties and they are enforceable in the same manner, under the same conditions and with the same probing force as any documents that would have been written or signed by the parties on a paper medium.

Article 19 – Revision of these GTCS

The Service Provider may revise or update these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time without advance notice, with any changes therein being applicable only to future orders.

Article 20 - Application and enforceability of these general terms and conditions of sale

The purchase of Services by the Customer implies that it has a thorough knowledge of these GTCS and the Palace of Versailles visiting rules appended thereto, and that he accepts them and commits to comply therewith. These GTCS and visiting rules may be freely consulted on the Site, in sales outlets of the distribution partners, or with drivers of Vehicles, which is also true of the visiting rules in the enclosure of the Palace Versailles.

For a purchase on the Site, the Customer clicks on the button « I accept the general terms and conditions of sale », that appears during the purchasing process, to confirm his acceptance of the GTCS and the Palace of Versailles visiting rules.

In all other cases, the Customer’s acceptance of these GTCS and the Palace of Versailles visiting rules results from the fact of purchasing and/or using the Ticket, with it being specified that it is up to the Customer to read them.

The Customer shall bear all of the consequences, particularly those of a financial nature, of his failure to comply with these GTCS and the Palace of Versailles visiting rules, and guarantees the Public Institution of the Palace, Museum and national Domain of Versailles against, and holds it harmless from, any consequences.

Article 21 – Disputes

The construction and performance of these general terms and conditions of sale and the Palace of Versailles visiting regulations, as well as acts resulting therefrom are governed by French law.

Any disputes related thereto shall be submitted to the Courts that have jurisdiction over such matters.




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